Buy Aglaonema Online in India

Buy Aglaonema Online in India

The famous Aglaonema have a common name ” Chinese evergreens”. Actually they are evergreen, sometimes robust and perennial herbs.Many of them are erect to decumbent stems and mostly underbranched or creeping and often branched.Buy Aglaonema online in india at lowest price from

Aglaonema are tropical forest habitat of Asia and New Guinea.Mainly aglaonema grow in tropical rain forests and this determines their growing conditions. They don’t tolerate direct sunlight and this is the signs of decorate your indoor rooms, they are basically shade tolerant plant. The tolerant temperature for aglaonemas growth is 16°-24°c.During the growing season sping to summer aglaonema is watered abundantly. In the autumn and winter period they need watered regularly. From the month March to August every two weeks this plant need fertilized with alternating minerals and organic fertilizer. Some of them are give flower and fruit also. If you want to buy this type of plant and enhance the beauty of you bedroom then check

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