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Buy Plants Online In Bangalore offers various range of plants like: indoor plants, gerbera, flowering plants, cactus, succulents and many other varieties.  We also offer our wide range of Indian handicraft by different handcraft artists. You can buy plants online in Bangalore from very easily. Bangaluru is known for its IT hub. Our offerings will help you to decorate your office space and living space. Our wide range of indoor and outdoor plant will help you to make your work and living place more greener and better to live.

We have delivery options available in bangalore.  You can avail our COD and Pre-paid service on beautiful product.

Come and buy our wide range of items for a better future.

Nestreeo provides the best natural live plants, garden accerioes and handicraft products at reasonable price. We have a wide collection with large number of indoor plants, creepers, flowering plants, lucky plants, cactus, succulent, seasonal plants and many more indian traditional village handicraft items. Delhi is known for its pollution recently, stay healthy by placing plants around you. Come and buy our online various plants, handicrafts from us.

We deliver products to all major cities. You can buy plants online in Bangalore at lowest price. Plants, gardening tools, home decor items and handicraft products delivery is available all over India. Seeds, fertilizer and pots are also shipped all over India. Feel the presence of nature in your surroundings by bringing plants to your home and garden.

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    Plants for my home

    I bought twoJaquemontia plants for Rs.279 on line on 23rd January 23. Today after 14 days I received it. It was in amazingly in good condition for six days of solitary confinement from 31st. However I am disappointed because it was supposed to be TWO plants unless I am mistaken. I could have bought it from amazon for 199 and delivered much earlier. It might never have been sent but for my perseverance in searching for your phone number in Google and giving up as a lost cause and it was a scam. At last I found your mail id and after writing an email the plant was despatched on 31st Jan and arrived today. I should have got two plants of Jaquemontia instead of one.
    Thanks anyway.

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