Growing Croton Plant indoors

Growing Croton Plant Indoors

Want to croton plant plant indoors?

Croton plant, plants stiff, leathery leaves in bold colors of yellow, pink, red, orange and green make it a beautiful and popular house plant. This plants are real colour booster with unique leaf structure. Growing croton plant indoors is not very tough. If you are planning to buy a croton plant for your room online then your could consider ourself as good sollution with lowest pricing.

The croton plant is one of the most dramatic we’ve seen. Warm tropical colors and exotic lobed leaves make it a beautiful addition to any brightly lit room. If you bought a container that has 2 or 3 plants in it (which is fairly common), keep them together for the first year or so. When the plants seem crowded, give them the space they need by separating them. Divide the plants by carefully cutting through their roots with a serrated knife, then pot each plant in its own container.

Crotons are not easy to please. The keys to success are plenty of sunshine, a warm, draft-free environment, moist soil, and humid air. Dry air and soil Will cause croton leaves to fall off. Too tall? Top them. The plants are naturally bushy, so they shouldn’t need pruning. If they get too big, you can Cut them back in spring and propagate the stem cuttings.To repot…Or not? Repot in spring, moving to a pot only 1 size larger. You can control croton plant’s size by keeping it in the same container, so that its roots are confined. When the plant reaches the size you want, top-dress annually instead.

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