Plants To Keep Bugs And Pests Away from Your Garden

Want a green solution to keep

Bugs And Pests Away from Your Garden ?

Pest in the garden are the biggest enemy in your garden. There are some plants which can keep away pest bugs from your garden. These plants essential oils works as an pest repellents. You need to have a plants in your garden to keep away bugs and pest.

Buy Basil:

Basil we all know a plant which you can use as a spice in Italian cooking. One of the ability of Basil is it can repil insects. It also prevents flies from landing on your foods.

Buy Petunia:

Petunias are considered to be nature’s pesticides.
Aphids, tomato hornworms, asparagus beetles, leafhoppers, and squash bugs are all attracted to this plant

Petunias comes with various colours. It can be grown on flower bed ,Pots, Lawn or hanging gardens.


Buy Pitcher plant:

Pitcher plant can devour bugs from bugs . This plant attracts bugs, flies , insects . These carnivorous plant classified as plants that keeps insects away.
This plant can be grown in pot full of water but don’t over water it. The soil should be dump not wet.

Buy lemon grass:

Lemon grass is staple in Asian cuisine particularly in Thai cuisine. This plant has a beautiful lemon aroma in it.

There is also a benifits of this plant this plant can also keep away insects ,Bugs from your garden.

Garden centers offer lemongrass, a tropical plant that performs well in Mississippi as a perennial in southern areas and an annual farther north. (Photo by MSU Extension/Gary Bachman)
Forest Bamboo Bonsai 1
Peace Lily​
Spider Plant

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