Calathea Ornata plant

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Calathea ornata (also called variously striped, pin-stripe, or pin-stripe calathea) is a species of perennial plant in the family known as the prayer plants. Calathea ornata is definitely near the top of the list. Its dark green leaves feature a pinstripe pattern
that can range from light green to bright pink, which makes up for its fussiness and rather difficult care.


How to take care Calathea Ornata :

  • Calathea Ornata Light Requirements :Calathea Ornata is native to the rainforest and is used to being shaded by other plants, so avoid direct sunlight. Bright light burns leaves No light prevents growth Calathea Ornata likes bright, indirect light
  • Calathea Ornata Watering Requirements : Calathea Ornata is native to the rainforest where things are wet, Damp, not soggy. Don’t let Calathea Ornata sit in water
  • Another fun fact, Calathea Ornata is known to dislike tap water and prefer distilled water or rainwater. That just straight up isn’t happening for mine.
  • Calathea Ornata Maintenance Tips :As a general rule for all native rainforest plants, avoid direct sunlight, do not exposure to cold, and high humidity is a plus.
  • Dry air kills the Calathea Ornata, the higher the humidity the better
  • The best location for a Calathea Ornata is a greenhouse. Not super convenient for most millennial plant lovers, including myself, so again, wish me luck.
  • Humidifiers help and generally speaking, the bathroom or kitchen is the best spot for a Calathea Ornata.
  • Avoid cold at all costs. Keep the Calathea Ornata away from windows or doors with a draft and definitely steer clear of fans and AC units.
  • If the leaves of your Calathea Ornata are curling, it probably means it is too hot.

What you get:

  • Each package contains: 1 pcs Calathea Ornata plant (4-8 inch)
  • Planters Size: 3/4 inch plastic planter (Round Shape)

Note:  Plants will be sent with coco peat or prepared soil. The actual size of the product may vary with the product send to you.


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307.00400.00 Inc. Tax (-23%)