Echeveria Imbricata, Blue Rose Echeveria Succulent Plant

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  • Blue Rose Echeveria is a low caring live succulent plant.
  • Blue Rose Echeveria plant with one plastic pot.
  • Blue Rose Echeveria plant comes with one 2-3 inch round shape plastic planters.
  • Blue Rose Echeveria plant size (2-5 Inch)

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How to take care Echeveria Imbricata :

  • Light & Temperature : The blue rose echeveria isn’t picky. Place it in full sun or partial shade. If grown indoors, give the plant bright light throughout most of the day. Typically, western-facing or southern-facing windows provide the best sunlight for succulent houseplants.As one of the hardiest succulents, the imbricata can tolerate lower temperatures. It can survive short durations of temperatures as low as 20 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Watering and Feeding : When Echeveria imbricata Blue Rose are first potted, they will require more water, once established they will need less water. Allow the soil to dry between watering.When watering, use caution to avoid pouring water into the rosettes.If water gets trapped inside, the plant may suffer from fungal rot and slowly die. Pour water directly on the soil around the plant.This succulent doesn’t require feeding.The dry soil soaks up the water through the drainage holes, which allows the roots of the succulent to get just enough water.
  • Soil & Transplanting : Like most succulents, the echeveria imbricata grows easily in healthy, sandy soil offering good drainage. It can also tolerate slightly acidic or alkaline soil.The plant doesn’t require repeated transplanting. However, if you decide to give the plant a new home, consider transplanting in the early spring.Remove the plant from its current container and allow it to dry overnight before placing it in its new clay pot home the following day.
  • Grooming and Maintenance : This low-growing succulent does not require grooming. But, if you notice the lower leaves shriveling, pull them off to allow healthy leaves to grow in their place.


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Echeveria Imbricata, Blue Rose Echeveria Succulent Plant

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