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Peperomia Clusiifolia Plant

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  • Free delivery across India.
  • Peperomia Clusiifolia is very easy to take care of.
  • It comes with one 3-4 inch round shape plastic planters.
  • This plant size (5-7 Inch)
  • Peperomia Clusiifolia plant will be sent with coco peat or prepared soil.
  • All the image showing on the product is for a reference , original product may vary with the image shown.

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How to take care Peperomia Clusiifolia Plant :

  • The peperomia plant is a smart choice for the beginning houseplant enthusiast. Not only are they forgiving plants that tolerate some benign neglect, but the spectacular variety of colors and textures between species means that you can amass an interesting collection of plants for every style and space, all of which require the same care.
  • Plant peperomia in a pot with ample drainage holes, using an orchid potting mix, then place the plant in bright indirect light. Peperomia plants require little in the way of attention. Water only when the soil is quite dry, and feeding is rarely, if ever, necessary.
  • Peperomia may be subject to the same common pests that can affect most houseplants: mealybugs, spider mites, and whitefly. Insecticidal soap is the best non-toxic treatment for these pests. Leaf spots may occur, and the plants are susceptible to rot if the soil is consistently too moist.
  • Light : Peperomia plants need a medium to bright light to maintain their vibrant foliage colors. Morning light and filtered light is fine, as well as 12 to 16 hours of artificial light. Insufficient light will result in fewer leaves, leaf drop, and drab coloration.
  • Soil : Many peperomia species grow as epiphytes in the wild. This is similar to the way many orchids grow: think of a plant nestled in the nook of a tree, sending its roots into some slightly decaying bark. Choose soil that mimics these conditions—chunky, loose, and acidic. An orchid potting medium works well. Regular potting soil is fine too; you can always lighten it with a handful of peat moss or vermiculite.
  • Water : The succulent leaves of peperomia plants indicate that the plants don’t need frequent watering to maintain vigor. Allow the surface of the soil to dry out between waterings. Keeping the peperomia on the dry side is better than saturating it, which leads to root rot and fungus gnat problems.
  • Temperature and Humidity : Peperomia plants are hardy only down to USDA Growing Zone 10, which means they cannot be exposed to temperatures less than 30 degrees Fahrenheit. As tropical plants, peperomias like it warm and steamy, especially in the summer months when growth is most active. If your plant doesn’t get an outdoor vacation in the summer, place it on a tray of pebbles and water to increase ambient humidity.
  • Fertilizer : When it comes to fertilizing, less is more for the peperomia. Discolored or dropping leaves are usually a result of inadequate light or excessive watering, not poor nutrition. As a slow-growing epiphyte, the peperomia can go its entire life without supplemental fertilizer, getting what it needs from its planting media.
  • Potting and Repotting : Peperomia plants may live for years in a relatively small container. They enjoy a somewhat root-bound existence, and this combined with their slow growth rate means you can let them be unless you see roots coming out of the drainage holes. Repot in a slightly larger container with an acidic potting mix or orchid bark.

What You Get:

  • Each packages contains : 1 * pics of Peperomia Clusiifolia Plant (5-7 Inch)
  • Planters Size : 3-4 inch plastic Planters (Round Shaped)

Note: Plants will be sent with coco peat or prepared soil. If the plant meets its Temporary Wilting Point(TWP) due to delivery delay or similar issues in transit, customers are requested not to worry. Watering it generously will recover its turgidity. For further information, feel free to contact us.

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