Plumeria Singapore Dwarf Champa

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  • Dwarf Champa plant is easy to take care flowering plant.
  • Dwarf Champa plant comes with one 4-6 inch round shape plastic planters.
  • Dwarf Champa plant plant size (6-10 Inch)
  • Dwarf Champa plant will be sent with prepared soil or coco peat

How to take care Plumeria Singapore Dwarf Champa :

  • Maintenance : Plumerias require at least 1 inch of rain (or equivalent watering) each week. More water may be required for plumerias growing in containers, but don t overwater or the trunks will rot. Feed plants twice a month during the growing season with a high phosphorous fertilizer.
  • Plumerias normally require little pruning, but any shaping should be done in spring. Plumerias are sensitive to cold and should be protected when temperatures dip into the 40Fs. Check periodically for pests such as spider mites, white flies, and mealybugs.
  • Plumeria care, for the most part, is minimal. While plumerias dont like wet feet, they should be watered deeply when irrigated and then allowed to dry out some before watering again. Plumerias may be pruned as needed (up to 12 inches from ground) in late winter or early spring (prior to new growth); however, any drastic or hard pruning done may reduce flowering. These plants can also be propagated by seeds or cuttings in spring, with cuttings being the easiest and most preferred method. Insert cuttings about 2 inches in potting mix and water thoroughly.
  • Fertilizer Dose : They also need to be fertilized about every two to three weeks throughout their active growing season. Reduce watering in mid fall and stop completely once the plants enter dormancy in winter. Resume regular watering as new growth appears in spring. A high phosphate (phosphorus) fertilizer, like 10-30-10, will help encourage blooms. Giving them too much nitrogen will only result in more foliage growth and less flowering.

What you get:

  • Each packages contains : 1 pics Plumeria Singapore Dwarf Champa Plant¬† (6-10 Inch)
  • Planters Size : 4-6 inch plastic planters (Round Shaped)

Note: Plants will be sent with coco peat or prepared soil. If the plant meets its Temporary Wilting Point(TWP) due to delivery delay or similar issues in transit, customers are requested not to worry. Watering it generously will recover its turgidity. For further information, feel free to contact us.


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Plumeria Singapore Dwarf Champa

399.00 Inc. Tax