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Terrace Gardening

Terrace Gardening is a beautiful idea it gives your home fresh air in polluted cities also make your mind fresh every day.

You can have various types of outdoor plants in your terrace. An artificial lawn on it adds another awesome looks to your terrace gardening. We have various plants on nestreeo.com for your terrace gardening.

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Useful tips for terrace Gardening:

1.You can grow organic vegetables in your garden. Avoid spraying chemicals and pesticides into it. You can also go for fruit bearing trees such as banana and guava.

2. In case if you have little soil for terrace gardening, you can plant flowers like sedums or alpines. These flowers can withstand certain amount of drought also.

3. Make use of plastic containers, they are lighter and hold better moisture than terracotta. When you are using soil at terrace, don’t forget to waterproof the surface of the terrace. It will protect your home from any leakage

4. Avoid watering the plants in rains. And if there is excessive rain from few days, add nutrients back to soil.

5. Another noteworthy thing is sunlight. Usually four to six hours direct sunlight is required for plants at terrace. To grow the tastiest vegetable, arrange more sunlight for them.

6. Don’t keep plants too close because they will compete for nutrition, water and sunlight and they may not mature as required.

7. Thanks to technology, with few clicks on your mouse, you will access information about gardening. With a plethora of ecommerce sites, you can easily find organic seeds online. However, always read customers testimonials and reviews before making out any purchase from these sites.

8. Gardening requires simple tools and arranges all these for your requirements. You may need sprayers, composters, shovels, rakes, and gloves to name a few.

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Terrace Gardening 02

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