Crassula Ovata, Jade Plant (Small Leaf) Succulent Plant

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  • Jade is a low caring live succulent plant.
  • Jade Plant with one plastic pot.
  • Jade Plant comes with one 2-3 inch round shape plastic planters.
  • Jade plant size (2-5 Inch)

How to take care Jade Plant:

Because Jade is a succulent, it does not need much water or direct light. It’s great as a houseplant.

  • Temperature : Jade plants like the dry season very much. The best daytime temperature for them is 65-75 F. (18-24 C). Cold weather and damp weather are not good for Jade. It loses its color and turns yellow and mushy. But they can tolerate drought and can survive cold nights if they get a lot of sunlight the next day.
  • Watering : Water a jade plant.You need to be careful when watering a succulent. Succulents store water in their leaves and they do not like to be overwatered.Check if your plant needs water or not, stick your finge into the pot 1 to 2 inches. If it feels completely dry, its time to water the plant. If it feels damp, then do not water it.When watering, pour the water in and let it drain for a little. Then, remove the extra water from the drip tray. Do not leave the water in the drip tray or the effect will be same as overwatering.
  • Light : Jade Plants and other houseplants on the windowsillJade Plant and other houseplants on the windowsill.Lighting is important to any plant. Succulents like the light very much but do not need as much. Some succulents, such as Tiger Fern, can survive without sunlight for a long time.Jade plants can grow under full sun, but you can place Jade plant near a window, and it will do fine. Try to keep the Kade plant around 2 ft from a window. Jade plants also might not do well under the scorching sun, so check if your plant is receiving intense sunlight. If it looks yellowish or leggy, try placing it somewhere else or increase your watering routine.
  • Soil : You can your regular potting soil mixture if it doesn’t hold too much moisture. Like any other succulent, the soil mixture for Jade plants needs aerating and proper draining. Add coconut coir and Pine bark to make the soil more drainage friendly.
  • Fertilizer : Jade plant does not need a lot of fertilizer. But for the best care, you can fertilize Jade plant once every six weeks. The fertilizer mixture needs to be more diluted than you would normally use. You have to keep in mind to regularly water the Jade plant, and you should also water it with the fertilizer mixed in.Do not fertilize your plant when the soil is dry though. Doing so will damage the roots of the Jade plant.
  • Humidity : Low humidity is best for Jade plants. 30 to 50% humidity is perfect. Place the Jade plant either outside on the balcony or on the deck or by an open indoor window to keep the air around it circulating.
  • Propagation : It is very easy to propagate Jade plant. You take a root cutting or stem and leaf cuttings.You can also take the leaves that get mushy from overwatering. You can save that leaf and grow another Jade plant. Cut the leaf a few inches above the mushiness and set it aside until it dries out.Leave the dried up cutting over some soil, and water it once or twice depending on the soil. Roots will begin to grow out of the leaf in about four weeks as long as it has a proper environment.You will see little Jade plants as soon as the roots take hold.
  • Repotting : Jade plant in a pot.You have to be careful when repotting Jade plants. You cannot just re-plant a jade plant from a small pot to a larger pot. Jade plant does not mind being in a small pot or root-bound. When you buy a new Jade plant, you should wait until it outgrows it existing pot before you transfer it.

What you get:

  • Each package contains : 1 pics Crassula Ovata, Jade Plant (2-5 inch)
  • Planters Size : 2-3 inch plastic planter (Round Shape)

Note: Plants will be sent with coco peat or prepared soil. If the plant meets its Temporary Wilting Point(TWP) due to delivery delay or similar issues in transit, customers are requested not to worry. Watering it generously will recover its turgidity. For further information, feel free to contact us.


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Crassula Ovata, Jade Plant (Small Leaf) Succulent Plant

259.00299.00 Inc. Tax (-13%)