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Bromeliad Red Vriesea (Flaming Sword) Flowering Indoor Plant

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Peperomia Clusiifolia Plant

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Neoregelia Red Bromeliad Plant

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  • Free delivery across India.
  • Neoregelia Red Bromeliad is very easy to take care of.
  • It comes with one 6 inch round shape plastic planters.
  • This plant size (8-15 Inch)
  • Neoregelia Red Bromeliad plant will be sent with coco peat or prepared soil.
  • All the image showing on the product is for a reference , original product may vary with the image shown.
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    How to take care Neoregelia Red Bromeliad Plant :

    • Light : Bright, natural light is best – like an east or west exposure. Neoregelias need this light to bring out the variegation in their foliage. The 1 that you see in the video can take a little less, whereas other varieties with flamboyant foliage need more light. Those could handle a south exposure. Either way, be sure to keep them out of hot, direct sun because they’ll burn.
    • Water : These, like the Aeachmea, have very defined urns. In nature, Neoregelias collect & absorb water in their urns & also through their foliage. Their roots are primarily for anchoring them onto other plants or whatever they’re growing on. You want to keep the urn about 1/4 full. If you keep it full, especially in the winter months, the center tends to rot out.
    • Keep even less water in the tank if you have low light &/or cool temps. You don’t want the plant to mush out. I let the cup go dry for 2-7 days before I refill with a little water.
    • You want to flush the urn out every month with fresh water otherwise it gets stagnant & bacteria will start to appear. I also moisten the growing medium every month or 2. Because these plants grow in the sub tropics & the tropics, they would appreciate a good misting once a week. If your home is really dry, then 2 or 3 times will make your Neoregelia even happier.
    • Don’t overwater your bromeliad. Like other houseplants, back off a bit on the watering in those cooler, darker winter months. And, if your water is hard, then be sure to use either purified or distilled water.
    • Fertilizing : Neoregelias get their nutrients from matter which falls on them from plants growing above. For this reason, it’s best to spray the fertilizer onto the foliage & moisten the top 1/2 of the growing medium. You can use an all purpose orchid food (orchids are epiphytes just like bromeliads) diluted to 1/2 strength or this fertilizer formulated fro air plants.
    • Growing Medium : All bromeliads need excellent drainage. In nature, they receive moisture from frequent rains but that water washes right off. I use orchid bark (small, medium or large is fine) or cymbidium orchid mix as well as a mix of orchid bark & coco coir. This is a more sustainable substitute for peat moss. Just make sure your mix drains really well.

    What You Get:

    • Each packages contains : 1 * pics of Neoregelia Red Bromeliad plant (8-15 Inch)
    • Planters Size : 6 inch plastic Planters (Round Shaped)

    Note: Plants will be sent with coco peat or prepared soil. If the plant meets its Temporary Wilting Point(TWP) due to delivery delay or similar issues in transit, customers are requested not to worry. Watering it generously will recover its turgidity. For further information, feel free to contact us.

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